How To Make Sure That Your Apollo Ecigs and Halo Cigs Would Pass Airport Security

Planning to travel and dont want your favorite Apollo and Halo Cigs to get left out? Here are some tips on how to pack your Apollo cigs and Halo cigs for your trip and make sure that it would pass airport security easier.

Tip #1: There isn’t currently any restriction on electronic cigarette or e-liquid products. However one must adhere to most airline’s rule that any liquid greater than 100ml cannot be in carry-on bags or luggage. So be sure your e-liquid doesn’t exceed that amount. Also be sure that as with any liquid, e-liquid should be placed in a clear plastic, zip-top bag. No need to declare the e-liquid for inspection at the checkpoint—simply go through the security check as you would with a plastic bag of shampoo, lotion, and other small liquids.

Apollo ecigs and Halo ecigs are one of the few brands that offer users to buy an E-liquid refill. You can buy their e-liquid in 10ml or 30ml bottles and you can even use these Apollo cigs coupons and Halo cigs coupons we’ve found that allows you to save 20% off in any of your ecig purchase. Simply copy and paste the coupon code and get instant discount.

Tip #2: Pack your E-cigarette batteries and chargers together with other electronic devices you have. Apollo cigs and Halo cigs batteries are so high-tech that one cant distinguish them with your other devices. Put it in your laptop case and you’ll be good to go. No need to have any fuss.

Tip #3: The Halo Triton Tank and the Apollo eGo and Vtube kit are three parts design. So also dont forget to disconnect the batteries from the atomizer as the atomizer may sound off the alarms in the airport. Simply put the atomizer in your pocket, then go through usual inspection. There’s a big chance that it wouldn’t be detected in your pocket. But if the alarm sounds, you can simply hand the parts to a TSA officer and explain what it is. You can reassemble all the parts on the plane or at your destination.

Tip #4: Want to use your halo ecigs and apollo ecigs in the airport while waiting for your flight? Ask first and know the airport regulations. There’s no definite law that prohibited the use of E-cigs in airports. However some airports already prohibit them and just assign smoking areas where travelers can smoke or vape together. Some airports though are still good with the idea of vaping and wont enforce smoking bans on E-cigarettes. However, if you receive a dirty look or a strategic coughing from other people around you, it’s a good idea to explain to them quickly what your E-cigarettes are and if they accept it then good. If not, respect them and put it away.

Tip #5: Want to use your e-cigarettes in the airline while you are on board? Ask first if it is allowed. Most airpline dont allow it so it’s better to wait until you land. Airplanes have smoke alarms everywhere and even if you vape in the bathroom and you are producing vapor and not smoke, there is a high possibility that it could set off the alarms. You’ll panic everyone on the plane!

Tip #6: It’s best to take a self-addressed envelope with you large enough for your Apollo and electronic cigarette to fit. It’s best to prepare when all else fails and yourecig is confiscated at a security checkpoint anywhere in the world, you can mail it home.

We understand that Apollo ecigs and Halo e-cigarettes are so amazing that is why one would like to take it anywhere they go. So follow the tips above and we are sure that you will get your E-cigs through airport security. We hope you enjoy your travel but before you go, make sure to check out Apollo and Halo accessories to purchase extra batteries, extra E-liquids, Lanyards, or a carrying case. These accessories can help vaping while travelling more convenient and fun. And dont forget to use the coupons mentioned above to save money. Because well, we know you already spend a lot of money travelling at least save in your E-cigs. Enjoy!

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